…..it has the power to make or break a relationship – in an instant….. Every manager should understand the concept of the psychological contract. This unwritten contract has the ability to enhance, or destroy, everything you do. It’s all about people, and as a manager, everything you do should relate to people! To understand the psychological […]

Anna-Lucia is a highly acclaimed educator and consultant in the fields of Leadership, Business, High Performance and Emotional Intelligence. Educated in the United Kingdom, Middle East and Australia, over the last 20 years she has consulted, trained and spoken to many of the worlds leading corporations. Today she is a Moderator at Harvard Business School (Pub) in Leadership and Emotional […]

For those that know me well – when it comes to work, my passion is Emotional Intelligence. I have been researching, studying and teaching this topic for 18 years and although I teach other topics (and love those too), I always seem to find a way to bring Emotional Intelligence into the equation! Why?  Because […]

It will be no surprise that food has a big influence on our brains. Food impacts our thinking, our thought patterns and our feelings. Therefore to maintain or increase our capacity to think and subsequently make good decisions – we need to know which foods are going to give us the edge! We have all heard of the expression “hangry” […]

One Minute Read Series – from the best selling book The Four Mindsets – How to influence, motivate and lead high performance teams. (Wiley) By Anna-Lucia Mackay “Although a variety of words and phrases are used to describe this trait, the core finding was that a manager who behaved inconsistently and was unpredictable severely and gravelyimpacted […]

The One Minute Read Series – from the best selling book The Four Mindsets – How to influence, motivate and lead high performance teams. (Wiley) By Anna-Lucia Mackay “One of the most successful ways to influence people and raise performance in the workplace is for every manager to adopt the mindset of a role model. […]

Hello there! As promised here are your final 6 questions to consider – whilst career planning or transitioning to a new phase of your life! Remember working out what makes you tick – will help you uncover the areas of work which will be the most fulfilling for you in the future.  It will also help […]

For those of you who have been present in my leadership and management classes you know I believe that Self Awareness is the be all and end all! I absolutely believe you cannot be a good manager or leader unless you are self aware. However this also extends to life outside work. It has been proven […]

Hello there to you all! Hope your week has got off to a great start! Thank you for the feedback on my new blog! Its been very encouraging so far and there seems to be much interest around Emotional Intelligence, Thinking and Mindsets! Which is great news! One of the topics people are really interested in […]

 Step 1 – Self Awareness Research shows that a high level of self-awareness is fast becoming the number one skill required in the workplace by managers, leaders and high performers. Regardless of your industry, title or job description, if you are not selfaware, it is unlikely you will reach and sustain high levels of performance […]

Join me and road test Headspace! I downloaded this App a few days ago and will keep you posted on how I go!  However so far I love it! Headspace describe their app as “your very own personal trainer, here to help you train your mind” and with a tag line  “Treat your head right!” – hence my interest! I […]

Each month I will share my 2 favourite articles on Emotional Intelligence. This month they are both work and leadership focused. The first one is the most popular article ever written on Emotional Intelligence – What Makes a Leader by Daniel Goleman.  The second, Primal Leadership explores leadership further – and the science of moods!  Its an interesting read! Take a look! I […]