April 23, 2017


For those that know me well – when it comes to work, my passion is Emotional Intelligence.

I have been researching, studying and teaching this topic for 18 years and although I teach other topics (and love those too), I always seem to find a way to bring Emotional Intelligence into the equation!

Why?  Because there is no doubt in my mind (and the research supports me) that to build a strong resilient mind, a purposeful and fulfilling life and the best relationships possible – Emotional Intelligence is essential!

So as I planned the next stage of my career, it became clear that I wanted – and needed to do more in this field.

So what exactly is Emotional Intelligence?

It’s the ability to recognise, understand and manage your emotions – and “The ability to recognise, understand and INFLUENCE the emotions of others”.

Or to put it in my words: it’s about how you manage yourself on a daily basis and how you manage your interactions with others.  And how you go about this –  will either lead to a successful and fulfilling life – or a life fraught with conflict and difficulty.

The reality is that everything we do incorporates emotion and although there is debate around which comes first: thoughts or emotion – my view is that if you control your thinking, you will control your emotions.  Furthermore if you master your thinking and your emotions, you are more likely to achieve your goals and unlock your true or hidden potential!

So this is what this magazine style blog is all about!

Each month I will share a selection of pieces relating to building a strong mind.  A strong mind which will fuel great decisions – unlike a weak mind which often leads to regret, fear, doubt – and unfulfilled potential.

As a Moderator for Harvard Business School, we always say we don’t teach you WHAT to think but we do teach you HOW to think!

So with this in mind, I will share resources to guide you and prompt your own thinking so you make the right decisions for you!

The content will be written and curated for people of all ages and will be bite-sized so you can read quickly on the way to or from work, in between meetings or on the treadmill!

The goal is to provide information which you can easily use – either formally, as a coach, mentor or manager or informally, as a friend, sibling or family member – when asked for advice, help or guidance.

Please also share this resource with anyone who you feel might be:

◾Stressed or overwhelmed
◾In conflict with another person
◾Interested in human behaviour and what makes people tick
◾Looking to make career decisions

So let’s learn together, be kind to each other and build each other up!

Remember, your thinking will determine everything!

Do not let your emotions come between your thinking and your performance!

Talk again soon!


Be kind

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About Anna-Lucia Mackay

Educator I Speaker I Writer I Harvard Moderator Anna-Lucia is a highly acclaimed educator and consultant in the fields of Leadership, Business and Emotional Intelligence. Educated in the United Kingdom, Middle East and Australia, over the last 20 years she has consulted, trained and spoken to many of the worlds leading corporations. Today she is a Moderator at Harvard Business School (Pub), a popular conference speaker and trainer – and the best selling author of “The Four Mindsets – How to Influence, Motivate and Lead a High Performance Team. In 2012 she was recognised for her work as a finalist for The Telstra Business Woman of the year Awards and serves as a Non Executive Director and Board Chair.


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