Each month I will share my 2 favourite articles on Emotional Intelligence.

This month they are both work and leadership focused.

The first one is the most popular article ever written on Emotional Intelligence – What Makes a Leader by Daniel Goleman.  The second, Primal Leadership explores leadership further – and the science of moods!  Its an interesting read!

Take a look! I have shared these over the years with all my students around the world – hope you enjoy them!

What Makes a Leader

Primal leadership

Let me know what you think!


Be kind

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About Anna-Lucia Mackay

Educator I Speaker I Writer I Harvard Moderator Anna-Lucia is a highly acclaimed educator and consultant in the fields of Leadership, Business and Emotional Intelligence. Educated in the United Kingdom, Middle East and Australia, over the last 20 years she has consulted, trained and spoken to many of the worlds leading corporations. Today she is a Moderator at Harvard Business School (Pub), a popular conference speaker and trainer – and the best selling author of “The Four Mindsets – How to Influence, Motivate and Lead a High Performance Team. In 2012 she was recognised for her work as a finalist for The Telstra Business Woman of the year Awards and serves as a Non Executive Director and Board Chair.


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