EI Leaders – Interpersonal Skills are the Key to Leadership Success A widely circulated report in the Harvard Business Review reveals that two out of every five new CEOs fail within their first 18 months on the job. The study of 5,247 hiring managers, conducted by Leadership IQ, further discloses that there is an equally […]

Want a job in 2025?  These are the sectors to focus on when Five million jobs will soon be lost to automation Image: REUTERS Written by Rosamond HuttFormative Content Published Monday 5 September 2016    Two-thirds of Americans expect that within 50 years, robots and computers will do much of the work humans do now. And less […]

What Makes Us Tick?: The Ten Desires That Drive Us by Hugh Mackay What Makes Us Tick?: The Ten Desires That Drive Us ‘vintage Mackay’ Courier-Mail ‘humanistic and balanced, encouraging and optimistic’ Canberra Times Insightful and engaging, What Makes Us Tick? helps to explain what drives us, concerns us and is important to each of […]

Developing your emotional intelligence. Getting comfortable with the “f” word – and how it drives performance. By Anna-Lucia Mackay   Anna-Lucia Mackay says feelings drive performance. Photo: Supplied COMMENT If there is one word in business that makes people roll their eyes – it’s the “f” word! Not the swear word – that’s common and almost […]

The four mindsets – how to lead without losing it “The key to happiness is intentional activity.” Anna-Lucia Mackay  The Australian  12:00AM October 16, 2015 What do we need to do to increase our self-control? Daniel Goleman in Working with Emotional Intelligence defines self-control as “managing disruptive emotions and impulses”. This requires that we, as […]

For those that know me well – when it comes to work, my passion is Emotional Intelligence. I have been researching, studying and teaching this topic for 18 years and although I teach other topics (and love those too), I always seem to find a way to bring Emotional Intelligence into the equation! Why?  Because […]

Never underestimate an introvert and their contribution to your life and team!

The key to influence and self drive!