Anna-Lucia is a highly acclaimed educator and consultant in the fields of Leadership, Business, High Performance and Emotional Intelligence. Educated in the United Kingdom, Middle East and Australia, over the last 20 years she has consulted, trained and spoken to many of the worlds leading corporations. Today she is a Moderator at Harvard Business School (Pub) in Leadership and Emotional […]

Developing your emotional intelligence. Getting comfortable with the “f” word – and how it drives performance. By Anna-Lucia Mackay   Anna-Lucia Mackay says feelings drive performance. Photo: Supplied COMMENT If there is one word in business that makes people roll their eyes – it’s the “f” word! Not the swear word – that’s common and almost […]

The four mindsets – how to lead without losing it “The key to happiness is intentional activity.” Anna-Lucia Mackay  The Australian  12:00AM October 16, 2015 What do we need to do to increase our self-control? Daniel Goleman in Working with Emotional Intelligence defines self-control as “managing disruptive emotions and impulses”. This requires that we, as […]